IOH Faculty Research Fellowships

Each year since 1971 the Institute for Oral History has sponsored oral history research for Baylor University faculty members. Faculty Research Fellows record oral history interviews with individuals in their specific fields of interest. Fellows use the information gained in interviews to enhance publications on their topics in scholarly articles, papers, and monographs. The recordings and transcripts from their interviews become part of the permanent oral history collection of the university.

Each fall semester, the Institute accepts project proposals from Baylor faculty members for oral histories to be conducted beginning in June of the next fiscal year.  

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2023-2024 fellowships. Check back in the Fall for more information regarding the 2024-2025 fellowship application deadlines.

The application process is simple:

  1. Plan your project and create a descriptive narrative, including its purpose, your research plan, your proposed interviewees, a statement about the potential historical significance of the project, and your plans for publishing or disseminating the project results.
  2. Complete the Faculty Fellow Cover Sheet available here.
  3. Submit your completed cover sheet and your project narrative to by the application deadline.

A fellowship stipend up to $2,500 is payable as salary (one-half is paid with the June salary; the other half, upon completion of the project). In addition to a stipend, Fellows receive training, consultation, equipment use, and transcription services from the Institute.

Baylor faculty may contact the Institute (x3437) for more information.

Recent Faculty Research Fellows

The Institute is pleased to serve Baylor faculty scholars. Recent recipients of our Faculty Research Fellows include:


  • Lorynn Divita, Family and Consumer Sciences, "Fill Your Boots: Interviews with Texas Custom Bootmakers"
  • Monique M. Ingalls, School of Music, "An Oral History of British University Gospel Choirs (2010-2020)"
  • Elissa Madden, School of Social Work, "Transforming Global Child Welfare: Lessons from International Leaders on the Frontlines"
  • Mandy McMichael, Religion, "Baptist Women in Ministry: In Their Own Words"


  • Jared Alcantara, Truett Seminary, "'Silver Tongue': The Preaching of Joseph H. Jackson"
  • Enrique (Erik) Blair and Scott Koziol, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "The Rise of Quantum Computing: Transforming the Information Age?"
  • Stephanie Boddie, School of Social Work, "Unfinished Business: The Pittsburgh Great Migration to Black Lives Matter Stories"
  • Lenore Wright, Academy for Teaching and Learning, "Baylor’s Summer Faculty Institute: Origins and Evolution"


  • Amber Adamson, Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media, "The Explosion at West, Five Years Later"
  • Lauren Barron, Medical Humanities Program, "Eric J. Cassell, MD:  Talking with Patients"
  • Elise M. Edwards, Department of Religion, "Convergence: Prophetic Directions for Ecclesiology and the Arts"
  • Monique M. Ingalls, School of Music, Academic Division, "The Sound of Everyday Spirituality: Exploring the Musical Experience and Cultural Significance of Community Gospel Choirs in Bristol, UK"
  • Kimberly H. McCray, Department of Museum Studies, "George E. Hein: A Museum Mind of Our Time"


  • Rochelle R. Brunson, Family and Consumer Sciences, "TLC Rocket Stove: Results-Based Financing for Low Carbon Energy Access"
  • Marlene M. Reed, Department of Entrepreneurship Hankamer School of Business, "TLC Rocket Stove: Results-Based Financing for Low Carbon Energy Access"
  • Mike W. Stroope, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, "Rhetorical Shifts within the Church-World Exchange: Listening to the Church in the Margins"


  • Paul G. Blanchet, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, "Developments in Stuttering Research during the Last 40 Years: Reflections and Insights from a Clinician, Scholar, and Person Who Stutters"
  • Jean Boyd, School of Music, "The Many Places and Spaces of Western Swing"
  • Justice Jan P. Patterson, Law School, "Colonel James B. Adams: Preparing Texas Law Enforcement for the Twenty-first Century"
  • Martin Stuebs Jr. and C. William Thomas, Hankamer School of Business, "Building Bridges: The History and Relationship between Baylor's Accounting Educational Program and Its Professional and Academic Constituencies"
  • Zachary Wingerd, Department of History, "From Mid-East Crisis to Lone Star Home: Perspectives of Syrian and Iraqi Christians in Texas"


  • Bracy Hill, Department of History, "Texas, God, and Game: A Texas Heritage of Hunting, Sport, and Religion"
  • Marshall Mangusen, Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation, "Success is a Road, Not a Destination: Legends of Quarter Mile U"
  • Jeffrey Olafsen, Department of Physics, "Perspectives on the Beginning of IT at Baylor"
  • Lakia Scott, School of Education, "In Our Time: Reflections on the Black College Experience through a Multigenerational Lens"


  • Jean Boyd, School of Music, "The Many Places and Spaces of Western Swing: A Western Swing Diaspora"
  • Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoue', Department of History, "'When Women Wear Slacks': Domesticity, Aesthetics, and Gendered Nation Building in West Cameroon, 1960-1972"
  • Kevin Tankersley, Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media, "Larry Groth: Overseeing Waco for Ten Years"


  • Lewis Lummer, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, "Legacy of Rev. Carter Bearden, the Deaf Pioneering Pastor of America"
  • Angela Reed and Robert Creech, Truett Seminary, "Longevity in Congregational Vocational Ministry among Texas Baptists"


  • Guilherme Almeida, Department of Theater Arts, "Musical and Theological Education as Foreign Missions: The Brazilian Experience"
  • Marshall Magnusen, Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation, "Training Giants: Al Vermeil, the Chicago Bulls, and the Story of Strength and Conditioning in the NBA"
  • Mia Moody-Ramirez and Cassy Burleson, Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media, "The Jasper Dragging Incident--Ten Years Later"

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