Media Inquiries

The Marketing & Communications team is happy to assist the University Libraries and Information Technology Services by providing guidance and logistical support for interviews, providing quotations, on-site filming, and more. Additionally, we are ready to work with media outlets to field interview inquiries, schedule on-site filming opportunities, and pitch story ideas.

If you are a Baylor Libraries or ITS employee and you:

  • have been contacted by a local media source for an interview, or
  • you want to use image marks or logos for ITS or the Libraries

OR if you are an outside party interested in:

  • using library spaces for filming,
  • using library spaces for publicity purposes, or
  • doing a story about one of our libraries or technology at Baylor

Please Contact Carl Flynn, Director for Marketing and Communications for Information Technology and University Libraries at (254) 710-7620 or

If You're A BU Libraries/ITS Employee Who's Being Interviewed
Remember, you're representing the University Libraries/ITS, so keep these tips in mind during your interview to help ensure a positive, smooth experience.

Be Positive! You're telling the world about something important to you, your work, and our university. Project a positive tone and have plenty of upbeat, fun facts at the ready.

Be Accurate! If you don't know the answer to a question, just say, "I don't have that information at the moment, but I'll be happy to follow up with you." It's much better to admit you don't know the answer than to make something up.

Be Understanding! Your media contact is under no obligation to a.) put everything you said into their story or b.) let you review it before it airs/runs in the paper/goes online. So, your 15-minute interview may result in a 30-second sound bite, but don't be discouraged! Any positive coverage of the work happening in our division is a good thing.

Be Prepared! Review relevant websites and other resources prior to your interview, especially if you plan to refer readers/viewers to those sites. Make sure they're updated, running correctly and aren't currently offline or otherwise under maintenance.

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