Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines for Advertising in the Central Libraries

The Baylor Libraries welcome opportunities to support student groups by advertising events on our in-house digital sign in the Allbritton Foyer of Moody Memorial Library. The Libraries no longer maintain cork boards or other spaces for posting physical flyers/posters, so all submitted artwork must be in the form of a digital sign created to the following specifications:

Design specifications

1920 x 1080 pixels maximum at 72 dpi


Submissions of finished art must be sent via email to no less than 48 hours prior to requested start date. The email must include a representative’s name and email address who can be contacted in the event of further questions and a requested timeframe for which the sign is requested (for example, “Please run this ad from October 1 to October 10, 2018”).

The Marketing & Communications office will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate these requests, but the office reserves the right to refuse to post any items it deems offensive, misleading, submitted beyond a reasonable deadline, or otherwise fails to adhere to this policy.

Any print flyers posted in the libraries without express consent from the Office of Marketing & Communications – including leaflets distributed on tables, posters attached to any surface, etc. – will be collected and disposed of immediately upon discovery.

The Libraries will not accept advertisements that:

  • Advocate for individual students (i.e. political advertisements, personal projects, personal fundraisers)
  • Promote actions or activities outside of a Baylor-sanctioned environment (i.e. parties at off-site locations that are not university sponsored, events held a private clubs or other non-Baylor-related activities)
  • Promote for-profit businesses (apartment complexes, restaurants, tutoring services/individuals, performance venues, etc.)
  • Include content that is deemed offensive, distasteful, or otherwise inappropriate

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