"The Religion of Sports:

From Michelangelo to Derek Jeter"

featuring author Tony Castro

3:30 p.m. | Thursday, October 12
Kayser Auditorium

The Texas Collection proudly presents Baylor alumnus and award-winning author Tony Castro who will speak on the topic, "The Religion of Sports: From Michelangelo to Derek Jeter." His talk will reveal the unique relationship between religion and sports and highlight its evolution.

"Michelangelo painted Jesus like an athlete, similar to the physique of Tim Tebow," said Castro. "This longstanding image of Christ has shaped the tradition of the game and the spirituality therein."

Castro is the author of many books including The Prince of South Waco: American Dreams and Great Expectations (2013) and Mickey Mantle: America's Prodigal Son (2002), which is considered by many to be the top biography of the American baseball hero. Castro will speak about the intersection of sport and religion in the lives of the people he has studied and written about. Following the presentation, Castro will sign copies of his works at a reception at The Texas Collection.