A World Turned Upside Down
For years, we have always seen maps drawn with the North on top. As long as this has been the case, words and phrases like "above, "on top", and "over", have been equated with superiority. As the map on the left shows, the world can be viewed from more than one perspective while still being geographically correct.

In Latin American Studies, students will learn about the rich history, culture and tradition in the other America, and learn of its equal importance to the world as a whole.

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The Latin American Studies program at Baylor University provides an opportunity for study and research in the history and culture of Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of America and Europe.

Students in this program of study will develop competence in Spanish and/or Portuguese, and gain an interdisciplinary perspective on Latin American issues.

The Latin American Studies faculty who participate in teaching and directing research in the program are internationally known for their research and experience abroad. The program promotes and encourages scholarly works in Latin America as well as travel and exchange with institutions of higher learning in Latin America and Spain. Enhancing the program of Latin American Studies at Baylor are summer, semester, or year-abroad Baylor-credit programs in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Peru, and Argentina.

The Latin American Studies program at Baylor offers a major, secondary major, and minor in Latin American Studies. Majors and minors will be prepared for graduate study, or for employment in fields such as government, business, industry and education.

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Latin American Studies
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