Student Records - Privacy, Review, and Retention


All educational records maintained by Baylor University are confidential and all disclosures are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). For more information regarding FERPA, please see the following link: 

FERPA Policy


Students have the right to make a request of Baylor University to inspect and review their educational records and the University must comply with such requests within 45 days. Furthermore, students may also request that their educational records be released to a third party.

Links to forms regarding requests to review records or consent to have records disclosed can be found at:

Request to Review Judicial Affairs Disciplinary Record

Consent to Disclose Judicial Affairs Disciplinary Record


Judicial Affairs Disciplinary Records are retained for a period of at least 7 years and may be kept longer due to special circumstances such as suspension or expulsion or as deemed necessary by the Associate Dean for Student Conduct Administration.

Petition for Expungement

Students may submit a petition to have their disciplinary file expunged the last semester prior to graduation. The petition to expunge is a courtesy provided by Baylor University and is not a requirement of law. Baylor University has no obligation to expunge a student's disciplinary record.

For students who are interested in making a request to have their Judicial Affairs Disciplinary Record expunged, please access the appropriate form below:

Petition to Expunge Judicial Affairs Disciplinary Record


Modified 7-22-19