Student Conduct Code Appeal of Decision

The process for appeals is set forth in Article VI, Section D and Section E of the Student Conduct Code.

To ensure processing and tracking of an appeal, students are required to use the" Appeal of Decision Form when submitting a decision appeal so that all necessary elements for the appeal are included. A request for appeal must be submitted within 3 calendar days of receipt of a hearing decision letter.


If a student denied a charge of student misconduct and requested either an Administrative Hearing or a Student Conduct Board Hearing, the student may appeal the decision if one or both of the following elements was present:

1. Substantial evidence that the decision rendered was arbitrary or capricious.

2. Substantial evidence that the process afforded the student through the student conduct code was not followed.

At a minimum, the student's appeal submission to the Vice President for Student Life must include one or both of these two elements.

Students who do not submit appeals within 3 calendar days waive their opportunity to appeal.

If a student desires to appeal sanctions, information on this process is available on the APPEAL OF SANCTIONS web page.