Student Conduct Code Appeal Process - Cases Prior to October 1, 2018

The process for appeals is set forth in Article VI, Section D and Section E of the Student Conduct Code. A request for appeal must be made in writing and must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Life within 3 calendar days of receipt of a hearing decision or sanction letter.

At a minimum, an appeal of sanctions must include the following elements and must be included in the student's letter of appeal to the Vice President:

1. The basis upon which the appeal is being made, and

2. Why the sanction is not appropriate for the violation.

To ensure processing and tracking of an appeal, students are required to use the Appeal of Sanctions Form when submitting a sanctions appeal so that all necessary elements for the appeal are included. A request for appeal must be submitted within 3 calendar days of receipt of a sanction letter.

If a student denied a charge of student misconduct and requested either an Administrative Hearing or a Student Conduct Board Hearing, the process for appealing a decision is available on this Web page: APPEAL OF DECISION.