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Alcohol and Drug Information

Did You Know?
That Texas just recently passed a new law called the 911 Lifeline Law?

Click the link below for more information:Learn how to possibly save a life from alcohol poisoning.

Additional Alcohol Information

During the 2016-2017 academic school year, alcohol violations accounted for 55% of all misconduct violations adjudicated by Judicial Affairs. Drug violations were the second most prevalent form of misconduct. In addition, 50% of the disciplinary suspensions were alcohol or drug related last year.

To access the policy statement on Alcohol and Other Drugs, please see the following link:


Policy Statement on Alcohol and Other Drugs



Drug and Alcohol Education Program Information




Baylor University Alcohol Resources


CHOICES, a research-based prevention program, aims to help students appreciate the risks associated with alcohol use and equip them with skills and knowledge to make better decisions. Choices alcohol education programs are available through the Baylor University Counseling Center; for more information call: 254-710-2467.



For complete information regarding Texas state laws governing alcohol, consult the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at the link below:



For information regarding alcohol or drug counseling, or treatment, contact the Baylor Counseling Center at 254-710-2467 or the Waco Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse at 254-753-7332.