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Legal Information

Students often encounter situations that gives rise to questions regarding their legal rights and responsibilities. By going to the links below, you will find very basic information that might help you with your questions.

Please bear in mind that the information included is in brief outline form only. It is not intended to cover every contingency or exception and is not intended to be legal advice.

• Automobile Accidents and Insurance
• Consumer Complaints
• Criminal Matters/Traffic Violations
• Identity Theft
• Mediation
• Residency
• Small Claims
• Tenants' Rights
• Other Legal Resources

This site is meant for the exclusive use of students enrolled at Baylor University. This site was written for informational purposes only and should NOT be relied upon as legal advice. Individuals should seek the advice of an attorney regarding specific legal problems. This site contains general information about Texas law and does not apply to any other state. There is no warranty made that the material within this site is accurate or that it is completely free of errors. Students should verify statements and NOT rely upon them as legal advice.

modified 1-29-09