Antivirus Information - PC

Baylor's contract with Symantec ended May 31, 2019. The new solution for virus protection for PCs is Windows Defender.

Windows Defender is built into the Windows operating system, so there is nothing to download. For campus computers, Symantec will be removed from the computer remotely. When Symantec is removed, Windows Defender will be activated. This will also activate the Windows Firewall, so users may receive an alert about applications accessing the network. Most applications will not give this prompt, but users can click Allow Access to permit that network traffic if it is a legitimate application. If the user is not an administrator, it will prompt for an adminsitrator's username and password. The message that appears will look similar to this:

Windows Defender popup

Software Installers - Since Windows Defender is included with the operating system, there is no need to install any additional software.

To view the components of Windows Defender:
Click on the Windows Defender icon, located in the System Tray (icons located near the clock).
description This will open the Windows Defender Security Center and display the status of the security checks performed by Defender. If a component does not have a green check on it, it may need attention.

See Microsoft's Windows Defender page for additional information.
Please call the Help Desk if you have questions about Windows Defender.

March 11, 2020