Microsoft 365 Online

As a retiree of Baylor University, you are eligible for an online subscription to Microsoft 365. This subscription gives you online access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many other Microsoft applications. To access Microsoft 365, go to Log in with your Baylor email address and password and you will see this screen: O365 Splash

Click on an application to launch it. Below is an example of the Word program open online. O365 Word

To save, click on the File menu and select "Save as". You can give the document a name of your choice. O365 Save As

As you work on the document, Word will automatically save the changes. Documents are stored in OneDrive. To see a list of your documents, select OneDrive from the available Microsoft 365 applications.

If you want to open a document stored on your desktop or from another location, such as a flash drive or your computer, click the "Upload and Open..." button and navigate to the document to open. upload

If you need a document from OneDrive on your computer, you can download the file. From OneDrive, find the document you want to download and click on the three vertical dots that appear when you mouse over the document (see blue arrow below). Download actions

From the pop-up menu that appears, select "Download" and select "Save File" from the dialog box that appears. Download

The document will be placed in the folder that is designated to receive downloaded files, most likely your Downloads folder.

Contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357 if you have any questions.

Updated June 17, 2020