Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

What is Advanced Threat Protection?
Baylor has implemented Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service as part of our ongoing cybersecurity initiative to protect Baylor's network, infrastructure, and clients from malware and unsafe links, such as those that have appeared in recent phishing scam emails. ATP analyzes incoming email and blocks malware and unsafe links.

How does ATP work?
ATP provides two-part protection: Safe Links and Safe Attachments.
  • Safe Links: This feature proactively protects the Baylor community from malicious hyperlinks in an email message. A banner appears across the top of the email stating that the email is likely to be Junk or contain phishing content. When a malicious link is clicked the protection dynamically blocks the content, while good links can be accessed. If a link is found to lead to a malicious web site, a warning will be displayed instead of the website. This service does not guarantee that all links which are scanned are safe, but does guard against many known unsafe sites and is continually updated with new information about malicious sites.
  • Safe Attachments: This feature checks email message attachments for malware and and viruses. If an attachment is found to contain malicious content, the email is not delivered and the sender is notified.
If you receive an email with possible malicious content, you would see a banner across the top of the message, similar to the examples on the right. Links within emails will be rewritten and will look similar to this: ATP will reduce the likelihood that members of the Baylor community will become the victims of phishing scams or malware/virus infestations.

Which email accounts will be protected by ATP?
This protection will be enabled for all Faculty, Staff and Students who use Baylor's Office 365 platform ( accounts). Alumni accounts are not covered by this protection.

Can I opt out?
No - all Baylor Office 365 email accounts will be protected.

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and there will continue to be events that may circumvent these safeguards. Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that Microsoft continues to improve, and they will continually update the detection functions within ATP, which will help to protect the Baylor community from future threats.

Please contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357 if you suspect that ATP may be blocking legitimate links or attachments or if you have any question about ATP.