Alumni Email Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What are the benefits of an account?
This is a free service that provides 50 GB mailboxes. The system includes calendar and contacts features and has the look and feel of Outlook Web Access (OWA) used by Baylor students to access their university email accounts. Also, this allows proud Baylor Bears to display their continued affiliation with the university through the "" account name!

Where do I access my new Baylor alumni email account?
You access your account at Your Microsoft account is Your password is either the initial password you were provided by Baylor (the first time the account is accessed) or the value to which you most recently changed your password.

When will my old email account be deleted?
Student accounts are deleted after a period of absence from the University as described on the Alumni Email Description page.

I have continued to use my student email account. Why do I have to give it up?
Baylor has provided email accounts for alumni for many years and we plan to continue to do so. We believe the new hosted alumni accounts, however, will afford many advantages to our former students including a much larger quota and continued access to features that students have enjoyed with Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

The change decision was made in consultation with our ITS Student Advisory Group, Student Senate, focus groups, and senior administration. Careful consideration was given the desire of many grads to be identified in Baylor email as alumni, to keep their original usernames, and to have a larger quota. ITS also needed to consider the technical concerns, licensing costs, and resource limitations associated with providing this service. A high priority was to provide Baylor alumni with an improved email benefit while retaining an affiliation with the university.

Password Information

How do I change/reset my password?
You will be required to set a new password the first time you login to the system, but you can change your password within the new alumni email system at any time. To make this change:

  • From within the system - under the gear wheel icon next to your name in the upper right corner of the page, select "Office 365 settings" from the pull down menu.
  • At that page, select the "password" link from the list on the left.
  • This brings up the form for the password change. Follow the instructions to make the change.

How do I get help if I've forgotten my password?
The ITS Help Desk can help you and is available at 254-710-4357/HELP during regular business hours (Central Time). Be sure to identify yourself as a former student with a question about your alumni account.

Is the password for my alumni email account the same as my BearID password? Are they kept in sync?
No. The email password is changed on the Microsoft site and the BearID password is changed on the Baylor website. Changing one does not update the other.

Transition Information

How can I let people know my email address has changed?
During the time when both your and accounts are active, you should notify as many people as possible with whom you correspond regularly of your new address, as well as update your address on sites like Facebook and Twitter. During this time, you should also move the mail messages you want to keep to your new account. Another way to tell folks about your new account is to set an out-of-office message on your student account indicating your new address.

Can Baylor help me with notification?
Baylor has no way to notify the various entities where you may have listed your student email address as contact information, so please notify your contacts of your new address by setting an out-of-office message after you graduate with your alumni email information.

How do I move email from my account to my new account?
There is no automated process for moving email from your student account to your alumni account. One way to get the messages there is to send the messages you want to keep from your student account to your alumni account.

Can I move calendar items and/or contacts from my account to my new account?
There is no automated process for moving calendar and contact entries from the student email account to the new alumni email account. However, if you can format your contacts into a .csv file, they can be imported into the alumni account by following instructions on the "Import your contacts..." link on the My Account page from the Options menu. During the migration, you may see errors when your calendar/contact information attempts to migrate, which is normal behavior in our migration process.

Mobile Information and More

Can I access my alumni Baylor email account on my mobile device?
Yes. The new account can be accessed on your mobile device by setting up the account using your account name and password similar to other email accounts (e.g., Exchange, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail). NOTE: If you choose to use IMAP for your connection setting on a mobile device, please use for both your incoming and outgoing server settings.

Additional online help and FAQs (including more about how to set up access on a mobile device) are available here.

Reviewed November 7, 2018