Identity Finder

Vendor Identity Finder

Description Identity Finder is a program that scans your computer for Sensitive Personal Information (SPI). Baylor's configuration of the Identity Finder software scans your computer for Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers. If confidential numbers are found on your computer, the Identity Finder tool allows you to:

Shred the file containing confidential information, which permanently and irreversibly removes the file from your computer.

Scrub the identity match contained in a file, which replaces the confidential number found with "XXXXX" without deleting the original file. This option is not available for all file types such as PowerPoint files and older Word and Excel documents.

Ignore the individual match or the entire file. This option should only be used under special circumstances

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Eligibility Faculty/Staff
Where is it available?

Information on installation and use can be found on this page Identity Finder. It will require a Bear ID and password login



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