Alumni Email

Baylor currently provides former students an email account that allows them to continue to show their Baylor affiliation through their email address as noted on this Alumni Email Description page.

The alumni email accounts can be accessed via the web at, via a smart mobile device, or via the Microsoft Outlook software client. The service includes Outlook features like calendar, contacts, etc., and provides 50 GB of email storage.

These accounts will be provisioned - and students notified - before the end of students' current academic programs so that, as they near graduation, they can begin to transition their contact information in various places to the alumni address. Ultimately, as described in the page linked above, student email accounts are deleted.

Baylor Alumni Email Project History

Baylor Alumni Email Project Frequently Asked Questions


  • Usage of any email address provided by Baylor University is subject to the terms and conditions of the Baylor BU-PP025 Technology Usage Policy.
  • Alumni email accounts are subject to the Microsoft Code of Conduct
  • This alumni email benefit and process may be subject to re-evaluation, modification and termination by the University, in its sole discretion, in the future.
To access your account:
  • For the first access: Retrieve your initial assigned password from the personal email message sent you.
  • Go to and enter: under "Sign in with your work or school account" and that initial password. You will be required to change your password at that point.

During the time period when students have access to both their student and alumni email accounts, they should move all mail that they want to keep from the student account to the alumni account. Mail can be moved by sending the email from their student account to their alumni email account.

To add your mobile phone number to allow for self-service password resets, contact the Help Desk at 254-710-4357. They will have your mobile phone number added to your account so you can receive a reset code via a text message.

If you need assistance or further information, call the ITS Help Desk at 254-710-HELP/4357 or email them at

Reviewed April 24, 2020