Alumni Email Statement

Baylor currently provides email accounts for alumni through an agreement with Microsoft. These hosted alumni accounts provide a very generous mailbox quota and continued access to Outlook Web Access features, and allow former students to retain their BearID usernames.

During the fall or spring semester after the attainment of the number of cumulative hours listed below, students will be notified that their new alumni account has been created. The account will be of the form They can then begin using the new account as they plan for their post-Baylor time.

Current levels for provisioning of alumni accounts:

  • Undergrad: 90+ earned
  • Seminary: 60+ earned hours
  • Law: 79+ earned hours
  • Graduate: 24+ earned hours

Student email accounts ( remain active for approximately eight months after graduation (or last date of attendance). This allows a student to be out of current enrollment for one long semester (fall or spring) without losing their student account. These accounts are deleted after the eight month time period (with prior notification) unless the student re-affiliates with Baylor through employment or re-enrollment.

This benefit and process may be subject to re-evaluation, modification and termination by the University, in its sole discretion, in the future.

Questions regarding this benefit for Baylor alumni can be directed to the Baylor ITS Help Desk at 254-710-HELP/4357 or at

Reviewed February 28, 2014