AirBear Wireless Network

AirBear Wireless Network

The AirBear wireless network (AIRBEAR WPA2) connects and empowers the Baylor University community. Links below provide detailed information about connecting to Baylor's wireless networks.

ITS is committed to providing AirBear coverage in classrooms and multi-use rooms (i.e., conference rooms, labs), as well as many common areas like lounges and foyers (i.e. the BSB Atrium) at the Waco and Dallas Nursing campus locations. Also, the network has been expanded to some outdoor locations and it expected that expansion will increase.

Traditionally, the AirBear wireless network was not intended for office use although it could often be detected in offices due to the close proximity of a classroom or common area with coverage. In recent years, through new construction and major renovations, AirBear has been added to many office areas. However, the office wired connections continue to provide better reliability and security.

For consultation on critical AirBear coverage issues, contact HelpDesk+.

This network is available for wireless access for visitors and requires a department sponsor and an account for login.

Laptop Setup Instructions
Connect your laptop to the AirBear wireless network.

Mobile Device Setup Instructions
Connect your mobile device to the AirBear wireless network.

Connect a Gaming System or Other Wireless Device
Are you trying to connect something other than a computer, phone or tablet to AirBear? This page will help!

Contact Information & Support
Contact information for help with the wireless network.

Basic Troubleshooting
Basic troubleshooting information for the AirBear wireless network.

Updated May 20, 2020