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Using a laptop
Reconnect your laptop computer with the network line in your office. Log off, but do not turn it off. Any updates that were released while it was not on the network will be applied overnight. For more information, see the Windows Updates web page. If you need assistance with this process contact the Help Desk.
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Code42 (formerly CrashPlan Pro) runs continual backups as long as your computer is connected t a network. If you have not been connected to a network, Code42 will back up your computer once it is back on the Baylor network. For more information, see the Code42 web page.
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If you changed your outgoing message to indicate that your were away from the office, record a new outgoing message. You can leave a different message for outside calls versus inside calls. For more information, see the Voicemail information page.

If you used a temporary greeting while you were away, it will need to be deleted. For instructions on deleting the temporary greeting, see the Voicemail information page.
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Turn off your Outlook "Out of Office" notification. Select the "Automatic Replies (Out of Office)" from the File Menu, and set it to "I am currently in the office." Click OK when done. For more information, see the Email Documentation page.
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