BearQuest FAQs


  1. Q: How do I log in to BearQuest?

    A: The web address for bearquest is as follows: If you are using a PC and logging in using Windows Explorer, the system will not prompt you for a username and password.  If you use FireFox, Chrome, or Safari you will be prompted with your Bear ID and Bear ID password (your network login - Firstname_Lastname).

  2. Q: Where do I go if I have questions?

    A: For Personnel and Resource Allocation Requests, contact Stephanie Kilgore in the Budget Office.  For Course Action Requests, contact Dawn Khoury in the Office of Registration and Academic Records.  

  3. Q: Where do I go if I have specific questions about the hiring process for faculty or staff?

    A: The Chair Resource Center website contains a wealth of information about faculty and staff hiring. You can visit that site by clicking here


  1. Q: Does BearQuest work on a Mac?

    A: The system should work on a Mac, however, testing of browser specific issues has been limited. If you experience technical difficulties, contact the individuals mentioned above.    

  2. Q: What type of system is BearQuest?

    A: BearQuest is 3rd party software provided by Integrify. It is a web-based workflow and document management system. Click here to see the BearQuest dashboard and here to see an example of the Request Overview screen.