General Support

The first four statements relate to the Information Technology Services support of technology equipment, software and networking systems on campus and the last statement relates to support of personal equipment. The term "equipment" generally includes desktop workstations, laptops, mobile devices, and printers. The type of support provided depends on the usage of the systems as follows: office equipment, research lab and other lab equipment, departmental student lab equipment, University general access computer labs, and specialized systems such as departmental computer servers. Other factors used in determining the support that will be provided include the age of the equipment and the version of software.

  • Support by Type of System
    • Technology Equipment Support by ITS
      The Client Services section of ITS will support all standard technology equipment purchased through the Technology Procurement process. These services include support of every phase of the life cycle of a departmental computer or server purchase including: installation, hardware maintenance, operating system support, software support, training and help desk support, backup/restore services, inventory tracking, and disposition.
    • Software Support by ITS
      Support is provided for Baylor standard software used in offices on campus such as Microsoft Office products, FileMaker Pro, etc. There is a separate statement that details the Software Support Levels. There are three levels of support with A being the highest level of support and C being the lowest level of support. In general, only the latest two versions of any software product will be supported.
    • Networking Support by ITS
      Network support is provided to University owned equipment on campus. In order to obtain a network line or reactivation of an unused network line, a request must be initiated by the department chair and approved by the appropriate academic dean or vice president. If the equipment attached to the network line is supported by ITS, then ITS will troubleshoot any problems having to do with that equipment or network line. If the equipment attached to the network line is not supported by ITS, then the only support given will be to insure that the network line is working up to the network plug on the wall. Other support will be the responsibility of the department. If a new network line is required, ITS Networking Services will contact the Physical Plant for environmental safety testing before the wall surface is penetrated. The department may be responsible for charges related to this testing.
  • Support by Type of Usage.
    • Office Technology Equipment
      In general, standard equipment and software purchased through Technology Procurement and used in offices on campus will be supported according to the hardware, software and networking support policies.
    • Departmental Student Labs
      Equipment, software and networking systems that are in a departmental student lab may or may not receive ITS/Electronic Libraries support, depending on the arrangements that have been made in advance with ITS/Electronic Libraries. If a department desires ITS/Electronic Libraries to provide any support for their student labs, it should contact the Electronic Libraries Client Services section with a detailed request of what support is desired. Unless there is an advanced agreement with ITS/Electronic Libraries for support, there will not be any software support for departmental student labs. Hardware and networking support will be provided according to the policies specified.
    • Other Departmental System.
      Client Services will assist departments and work with vendors on the configuration and purchase of departmental servers and turnkey software support for these servers provided that we are contacted before the purchase of the system and software. Networking support for these systems may be provided by Networking Services section of ITS, if agreed to in advance of their purchase.
  • Obsolete Equipment Listing

    Departments should check the Hardware Support Level Maintenance Policies that indicates the equipment that will no longer be supported because of its age. ITS will update this listing annually and provide information regarding which equipment will most likely not be supported two years in advance. This document should be consulted during the department's budget planning process in order to request funding for replacement items. A list of equipment in each department indicating their replacement level is available in LanDesk. Departmental reports can be obtained from the LanDesk website.

  • Obsolete Software Listing

    ITS provides a list of supported software that is updated on a quarterly basis. Departments should make arrangements for the personnel to receive training on new versions of software and their computers should have one of the latest two versions of the software installed. It is the department's responsibility to purchase computers capable of utilizing the latest versions of software.

  • Policy for Support of Home and Personal Computers and Software

    The Information Technology Services does not provide free support for personal computers or related items for faculty, staff or students except as specified herein.

    • Other Hardware and Software Support: Some hardware and software services for personal computers and related items owned by individuals are available through the Baylor Bookstore located in the 5th St. parking garage. Please contact the Technology Services department at 254-710-2700 for more information about the services available.
    • As a service to the Baylor community, Baylor University has compiled a list of computer service vendors in the Waco area that can perform computer services on your home computers. Baylor University is not affiliated with any of these businesses and has merely listed their contact information here for the convenience of Baylor students, faculty and staff. While some of the companies offer a "Baylor discount," it is recommended that the nature of services and costs be clarified with the vendor before work begins. See Personally-Owned Computer Service Vendors for further information.

Last modified June 28, 2018