Network Troubleshooting

Common network problems include being unable to access the web (Internet Explorer) or your email (Outlook) may be giving an error stating that it is unable to connect to the server. To re-gain your network access, try the following:

For a PC:

Check the network cable (normally a green cord) in the back of your computer; make sure it is connected securely. There will be a blinking light on the back of your computer at the jack where the network cable plugs in. If the light is not blinking, report this to the Help Desk.

Always restart your computer whenever you experience problems with it.

Check with others in your area to see if they are having similar problems. It could be a wide-spread outage.

Check the DOWN line (710-3696) for any campus-wide network outages or problems.

Call the HELP line (710-4357) to report any problems that the above suggestions do not correct.

For a Mac:
Check all connections.
Restarting the computer helps 90% of the time.