E-mail Directories

Before you can send someone e-mail, you must know their e-mail address. This document describes various ways of finding an individual's e-mail address.

Baylor Addresses
E-mail addresses for all current students/faculty/staff at Baylor are maintained in the Baylor on-line Web Directory located at the bottom of the main Baylor homepage. Simply select the “Directory” link, log into the system, then begin your search for faculty, staff, or student e-mail addresses. Baylor email addresses can also be located within Outlook by searching the Global Address List (GAL).

Non-Baylor Addresses
There is no established standard for directory services on the Internet. The Firstname_Lastname (bear_id)@Baylor.edu in use at Baylor is not an Internet standard. Therefore, the most reliable way to find a person's e-mail address is to contact them and ask directly. However, more and more companies publish work email addresses on their web site. You might try searching a particular company web site to look for published email addresses.

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Last modified: February 24, 2014