E-mail List Guidelines

An Electronic Mail List that supports discussions through electronic means may be provided for University related professional organizations, student organizations and classes. Electronic Mail Lists, also called mailing-lists and discussion groups, provide an effective means of communication for small groups who have an interest in a specific topic. Access to e-mail is required to utilize this service.

The Baylor organization's sponsor, faculty adviser or class instructor must request the Electronic Mail List using the appropriate application form.

An Electronic Mail List is available to chartered or departmental student organizations that are registered with the Department of Student Activities. The student organization's application form must be signed by a faculty adviser and approved by the Dean of Student Life. The faculty adviser is responsible for monitoring the contents distributed by the Electronic Mail List. Student contributors within each organization are accountable for ensuring the appropriate use of the organization's Electronic Mail List.

The Electronic Mail List usage must conform to Baylor policies including the Technology Systems Usage Policy and the Facilities Use Policies. The Electronic Mail List must be for University related purposes and its usage must be in line with the Baylor Mission Statement.

Approval of an Electronic Mail List may be denied based on the lack of necessary resources.

Violation of these guidelines may result in the organization losing its privilege to have an Electronic Mail List and will be dealt with in the same manner as violations of other university policies and may result in a disciplinary review.

Last modified January 23, 2007