Technology Purchasing

Mission Statement: Offer solutions that meet Baylor's technology needs and develop processes that simplify technology purchasing. Provide exemplary service, guidance and good stewardship of Baylor funding.

Technology Purchasing Channels
Technology Purchasing Services will enable the purchase of Apple and Dell computer systems through their respective websites. HP office printers and other peripheral equipment can be purchased through the Connection website. Payment settlement will be made with a Baylor Purchasing Card or Purchase Order. Devices, such as phones or Apple iPads requiring a data plan, will need to be purchased through Telephone Services. Wi-fi only Apple iPads can be purchased through the Baylor Apple Store website. For questions about technology purchasing channels or special circumstances contact Technology Purchasing.

Presentations / Workshops
Technology Purchasing will continue to send invitations to the departmental purchasing contacts on the following presentations and workshops in order to educate the campus on purchasing procedures: New Technology Purchasing process, Dell and Apple technology purchasing role, technology roadmaps presented by Baylor's educational vendors.

Contact Us: If you have questions regarding your technology purchases, please email

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