Human Resources Systems

The University's human resource functions (employment, payroll, HR services, compensation and benefits, budgeting, and position control) are supported by and based on the SunGard Banner Human Resources System.

BearWeb is Baylor's secure online system allowing employees and students self-service access to personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. BearWeb is accessed using your BearID and password, along with two-factor authentication. For more information about two-factor authentication, see the Duo web page. It also includes the following information for faculty, staff, and student workers:

  • Benefits and deductions
  • Payroll information including pay stubs
  • Tax forms
  • Time sheets - entry and approval

Employment Management System (EMS)
This system works in conjunction with the University's resource request system (BearQuest) to process data related to personnel requests. It is accessed through BearQuest and requires that a personnel request project be initiated there.

Job Descriptions
This online system allows authenticated users (via BearID and password) to search for and display job descriptions. The descriptions may also be edited (with appropriate security access).

Online Directory
This web-based application allows for the lookup of employee and auxiliary contact information by name or department and the creation of various pdf file full directories. Different levels of information are available based on the role and authentication level of the user and the information release settings of the persons whose records are being searched. Also, authenticated University constituents using the directory are provided links to update release settings for their individual information.

For more information about the various means of individual identification see the Baylor IDs page.

Updated September 28, 2016