Student Related Systems

BearWeb is Baylor's secure online system allowing employees and students self-service access to personal data such as addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. BearWeb is accessed using your BearID and password, along with two-factor authentication. For more information about two-factor authentication, see the Duo web page. It also includes the following information for students:

  • BearBucks Statement
  • Billing Account Summart
  • Financial Aid - view/accept awards, missing information
  • Grades and Transcripts
  • Registration - add/drop classes, class schedule, optional fees

Banner Student System
The Student Information System (SIS) is part of the Ellucian Banner suite of enterprise systems. Baylor utilizes this system to track and manage information about students, prospects, and applicants. Access is available to faculty and staff when required for job duties and approved by the applicable department head. There are two steps involved in requesting Banner Student System access:

1) Log into to request an account. Click here for instructions on this step.
2) After the supervisor has approved the request for an account in step one, fill out a SIS Banner request form in BearQuest. This form is needed to gather more information about the specific access being requested. Before filling out this form, please determine if you need the same access as that of a current user as this will expedite the request. If this is the case, you will need the BearID of this user before proceeding. To fill out the BearQuest form, click on the following link: Banner Student System Application

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ChairSIS provides academic department chairs and/or their administrative assistants with access to information about their department's classes for a term, to general student information, and to term grades for the department's student majors. It also allows for the updating of maximum seats and assigned instructor(s) for classes within the department(s) for which the user is cleared. ChairSIS accesses the Banner SIS directly and is always live, up-to-date information. Access is established by student major and course prefix and must be approved by the requestor's department chair. See information for requesting access on the SIS Web Applications Access Instructions page.


ClassRoll provides faculty with access to their class rosters in multiple formats - formatted for printing (with student photos for the faculty member of record), email address book (Outlook contacts file), and file for importing into MicroGrade or Excel. Department chairs, administrative assistants, and selected faculty (with appropriate security approvals) can be given access to all class rosters within an entire course prefix. All teaching faculty have access to their class rolls without any approval process, assuming the person's employee ID number has been entered into the University student system as one of the instructors of record for the class. ClassRoll accesses the Banner SIS directly and is always live, up-to-date information. Access for an entire course prefix must be approved by the requestor's department chair. See information for requesting access on the SIS Web Applications Access Instructions page.

Electronic Grade Posting
Baylor no longer utilizes paper grade rolls for posting of grades. There are multiple methods available for instructors to electronically post grades for their classes. The page linked above explains the options.

Faculty Evaluations
Online access to their own faculty evaluations is provided to individual faculty members. Also, department chairs can view required evaluations of their department's faculty. Institutional Research and Testing maintains the list of department chairs and should be contacted with any updates.

Fostering Student Success (Deficiencies & Referrals)
A resource for Faculty and Staff to report deficiencies and refer students who may need academic intervention. Log in required.

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Online Directory
This web-based application allows for the lookup of student contact information by name or major and the creation of various pdf file directories. Different levels of information are available based on the role and authentication level of the user and the information release settings of the persons whose records are being searched. Also, authenticated students using the directory are provided links to update release settings for their individual information.

Unified Advising System
The Unified Advising System (UAS) is a web-based student advisement system that provides information to advisors about the students they advise. Information provided to advisors includes the student's degree audit, transcript, academic profile, advising history, and registration information, such as assigned pre-registration dates and times and any registration holds that exist. All data displayed in the UAS (with the exception of transcripts) is real-time information directly from the Banner SIS system. Advisors can document their advising session with students in the UAS by entering course recommendations and notes. The UAS is also the place where authorized faculty and staff can issue course permits and pre-requisite waivers to help facilitate student registration. Access to the UAS is given to advisors based on their advising area, and to those who give permits and waivers based on subject code. For more information on requesting access, please see the SIS Web Applications Access Instructions page.

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Updated September 28, 2016