Data Warehouse/Bearhaus

To access Bearhaus, please click here.

**Please note that you must have sufficient security permissions in order to access Bearhaus. You must also be on Baylor University's campus or access it through a VPN. If you would like to request security to Bearhaus, please fill out and submit the online Bearhaus Security Request Form .**

Bearhaus is Baylor University's online data warehouse. It contains direct access to integrated data taken from multiple sources and stored in one location. University administrators, faculty, and staff have access to the warehouse to provide them with the information they need. Additional data is added to the warehouse as new questions and needs are identified.

The student section of Bearhaus contains data on inquiries, applicants, registrations, enrollment, retention, and degrees awarded. Applicant, enrollment, and degrees awarded data are available for undergraduate, graduate, law, and seminary.

The human resource section of Bearhaus contains bio/demographic data on employees and information on positions.

The financial section of Bearhaus brings together data from Banner HR and PeopleSoft financials. It contains reports on budgeted versus actual expenses as well as the position control reports that track all financial changes made to a position.