Library Contacts

As you begin your thesis project, don't forget about the wealth of information and resources available in Baylor's libraries. The library faculty can direct you to various print and electronic resources.

Many librarians are also willing to serve on thesis committees. If you are struggling to organize your thesis defense committee, please keep the following library staff in mind.

Eileen Bentsen (X2350) - Old and Middle English and Scottish literature; consultant to the History Department, the Honors College, and Journalism and Mass Communication

Ellen Hampton (X2968) - comparative lit; consultant to the Modern Foreign Language Department and Family and Consumer Science

Janet Sheets (X2335) - classics; consultant to departments of Classics, Anthropology, Archaeology, English, Social Work, Education, and Sociology

Carol Schuetz (X4410) - business; consultant to the School of Business

Sinai Wood (X4606) - political science; Govt. Documents librarian and consultant to Political Science Department