The Honors Program at Baylor University: 19592009

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The 2008-2009 academic year has been significant for Baylor's Honors Program, founded in 1959, because of the fiftieth anniversary of the Program. During this Jubilee year, the Program has continued enrolling approximately the top 7% of students at the university.

Whereas in its beginnings it served 25 highly talented students, the Honors Program now includes nearly 800 students. The Program is designed to enhance and enrich the academic experience of talented, highly motivated students at Baylor. The program supplements traditional degree requirements and majors in all departments and schools of the university by offering smaller, distinctive classes that encourage interdisciplinary approaches to teaching, curriculum, and learning. The Honors Program also provides many opportunities for students to pursue independent study and research with individual faculty mentors.

All Honors students are required to write a thesis, which is produced during the Junior and Senior year. All Honors theses are completed under close supervision by Baylor professors. 2009 will also herald the completion and defense of the 1000th Honors thesis.

Through their shared activities and dedication to academic achievement, Honors students have become a community of scholars who have built connections between specialized fields, challenged each other to stretch beyond their chosen fields of study, and pursued academic excellence within a Christian community here at Baylor, across America and around the world.