Brooke LeFevre

Brooke LeFevre
Ph.D. Student
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Research Interests

I am interested in the intersection of women, religion, and medicine during the nineteenth century, focusing primarily on the United States. Specifically, I am interested in women's infertility and the medicalization of reproduction. I am also interested in Mormon history. 

  • M.A. in History, Utah State University, 2021
  • B.S. in Psychology, Brigham Young University, 2019
  • Presidential Fellowship, Baylor University, 2021 
  • Ph.D. Guittard Fellow, Baylor University, 2021-2022 
  • Whitworth Teaching Fellow, Utah State University, 2021 

"'I Would Not Risk My Salvation to Any Man': Eliza R. Snow’s Challenge to Salvific Coverture," Journal of Mormon History, 47:2 (April 2021): 48-74. 

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