M.A. Recommended Timeline

First Year (18-21 hours)

1st Semester (9 hours)

HIS 5369: Craft of Research

HIS 53--: American History Seminar

HIS 53--:European History Seminar

HIS 5388: Independent Reading with potential adviser

2nd Semester (9 hours)

HIS 5370: Research & Writing

HIS 53--: Global History Seminar

HIS 53--: American/European History Seminar

HIS 53--: Theory/Method Seminar

HIS 5388: Independent Reading with adviser or for outside course (4000-level courses acceptable)

Summer (3 hours)












  • Identify adviser and inform Graduate Director by Dec. 1
  • Fulfill Foreign Language Requirement (see the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures website for options and deadlines).
  • Complete Annual Report by May 1 to discuss with adviser.

Second Year (6 hours of coursework, 6 hours of thesis)

3rd Semester (9 hours)

HIS 53--: American/European Seminar

HIS 5v99 Thesis

HIS 5388: Independent Course Reading with adviser or for outside course (4000-level acceptable)

4th Semester (3 hours)

HIS 5v99 Thesis


HIS 5v99 Thesis (if needed)








  • Present by December 1 your Thesis Schedule for Completion and Defense, including choosing your committee and comprehensive exam courses.
  • Take Comprehensive Exams in April
  • Verify all semester deadlines
  • File for graduation
  • Plan your defense with your director (you should allow 2-3 weeks between submitting thesis to committee and the defense)
  • Attend a thesis workshop (watch your email for the dates each semester)
  • Format your thesis according to the guidelines before your preliminary review
  • Schedule your preliminary review with Mrs. Sandra Harman at the Graduate School at least 2 weeks prior to your defense. Follow the Preliminary Review Instructions to schedule your review and submit the required documents. Be sure to submit your signature page, as this needs to be checked before your defense.
  • Bring a completed copy of the Preliminary Checklist to your review.
  • Submit an Announcement of Master's Oral Examination to the Graduate School at least 10 days prior to your defense.
  • Forms to bring to your defense:
  • Within 10 days after your defense, you need to complete a final review. Follow the Final Review Instructions to submit the required documents, which include your Final Checklist, Approval of Final Dissertation/Thesis Copy form, signature pages, Copyright and Availability form, and your thesis. Mrs. Sandra Harman will notify you that you are clear to submit to Beardocs. Please follow these instructions.
  • You will also need to turn in these documents to the Graduate School:
  • Defend thesis (by March for May Graduation)