Guittard History Fellowship Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Guittard Fellowship Fund provides first year full tuition and stipends for both the top M.A. student and the top Ph.D. student.



This scholarship which benefits graduate students in the Baylor Department of History was created by the joint wills of Dr. Francis Gevrier Guittard and Josephine ("Mama Josie") Glenn Guittard. Dr. Guittard died April 28, 1950, and Mama Josie died December 25, 1958. According to a May 12, 1959 Baylor press release, the first two fellowships went to Ronald Lee Hayworth, Ouachita Baptist senior, and Oran Lonnie Sinclair, Baylor University senior. Both recipients commenced work on their masters degrees at Baylor during the 1959-1960 school year. After obtaining his degree, Hayworth in 1968 published The Trial of Louis XVI. Sinclair, after completing his masters thesis at Baylor on Samuel Palmer Brooks, commenced Ph.D. work at Rice University, thereafter completing in 1975 a thesis entitled Crossroads of Conviction: A Study of the Texas Political Mind, 1856-1861. In 2012 after additional contributions by family members to the Fellowship Fund, the Baylor History Department instituted its Ph.D. program. Beginning in 1959 the Guittard Fellowship Fund has provided stipends for a total of 70 or more students.