The Guittard Fellowship & Book Award

Francis "Frank" Gevrier Guittard (1867-1950) left a historic family legacy at Baylor University, most notably in the history department, where in 1910 he helped organize the department and served as its Chair for about 40 years. Several awards have been established to honor his legacy and, in 2016, the Guittard-Verlander-Voegtle Endowed Scholarship for undergraduate history majors was created by Frank and Josie Guittard's descendants. 

This award recognizes a distinguished work of original scholarship on any area of history, written by a current or emeritus member of the Baylor History Department, or by a graduate holding a degree in history from Baylor University. To view previous recipients and their books, see Past Recipients of the Guittard Book Award.

That this award should be in the name of Francis G. Guittard is apropos considering not only his funding of the Guittard History Fellowship but also his life-long passion for reading and study. See Guittard Fellow Thomas DeShong's archival note for The Texas Collection: "A Lifelong Learner: The Education and Service of Dr. Francis Gervier Guittard."

The Guittard Fellowship is a first year full tuition and stipend awarded to the top M.A. student and top Ph.D. student. See Recent Guittard Fellowship Recipients here.

Why are mini alarm clocks also given to Guittard Fellows? Read "Why Alarm Clocks? Time as a Theme of Frank Guittard's Lifeby Charles F. Guittard. Prof. Francis Guittard received his doctorate in 1931 at 64 years of age. What came to Frank Guittard's mind when asked if he intended to retire after receiving his Ph.D.? See "A Ph.D.'s Reverie" as imagined by Charles F. Guittard. See also the poem "Sir Frank from Ohio," by Charles F. Guittard.












Prof. Francis G. Guittard