Julie deGraffenried

Julie deGraffenried
Associate Professor of History and Undergraduate Program Director
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Spring 2022 Office Hours

Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 and by appointment.


modern Russia, especially 20th century Soviet Union; history of childhood and children’s history; visual culture; childhood and war; scholarship of teaching and learning

  • PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2009
Academic Interests and Research

My research focuses primarily on Soviet children’s history and history of childhood. A trip to the then-Soviet Union as an eighteen-year-old undergrad resulted in a lifelong interest in Russia’s history, and I find the interdisciplinary nature and multi-faceted approaches available to historians of childhood fascinating. Most of my work explores Soviet childhood and children’s culture during World War II, while a new project explores the meanings of “religious” childhood in the Soviet Union. The Keston Archive, now housed at Baylor, is a rich resource for the study of religion and atheism in the Soviet Union, and I feel fortunate that it is literally across the street from my office!

Selected Publications
  • Voices of the Voiceless: Religion, Communism, and the Keston Archive, ed. Zoe Knox & Julie deGraffenried (Baylor University Press, 2019)
  • Sacrificing Childhood: Children and the Soviet State in the Great Patriotic War, (Modern War Series, University Press of Kansas, 2014) – winner of the 2015 Guittard Book Award for Historical Scholarship
  • “Learning More Than Letters: Alphabet Books in the Soviet Union and United States in World War II,” in War and Childhood in the Age of World Wars, eds. James Marten and Mischa Honeck (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
  • “Мобилизуя юность: труд советских детей в военное время,” Советский тыл 1941-1945: повседневная жизнь в годы войны, ред. Беате Физелер и Роджер Д. Марквик (РОССПЕН, 2019)
  • “Combating God and Grandma: The Soviet Anti-Religious Campaigns and the Battle for Childhood,” in The Dangerous God: Christianity and the Soviet Experiment, ed. Dominic Erdozain (Northern Illinois University Press, 2017)
  • “A New Normal: Death and Dying in a Soviet Children’s Magazine, 1941-1945,” in Global Perspectives on Death in Children’s Literature, eds. Lesley Clement and Leyli Jamali (Children’s Literature and Culture Series, Routledge, 2015: 115-129) – available as a stand-alone electronic chapter from Routledge
  • “Рисуем детство в Великую отечественную войну: оформление обложки и детские журналы, 1941-1945 гг.,” Конструируя детское: филогия,история, антропология. Под ред. М. Балиной, В. Безрогова, С. Г. Маслинской, К. А. Маслинского, М. В. Тендряковой, С. Шеридана (Москва-Санкт-Петербург: «Азимут», Нестор-История, 2011: 352-368)
Current Courses Taught at Baylor
  • HIS 1300 The U.S. in Global Perspective
  • HIS 1307 World History since 1500
  • HIS 3340 Russia to 1861
  • HIS 3342 Russia since 1861
  • HIS 4340 The Global History of Childhood
  • HIS 4379 The Cold War (team-taught with Americanist Stephen Sloan)