Women's History Month Lectures

2021 Dr. Amy S. Greenberg, George Winfree Professor of History and Women's Studies, Penn State University, "Female Political Power Before the Vote: Why Some Washington D.C. Ladies Saw No Need for Women's Rights in the 1840s"

2020 - No lecture this year

2019 Dr. Mita Choudhury, Professor of History, Vassar College, "Belief and Bodies in the Convulsionary Movement of Eighteenth-Century France"

2018 Dr. Katherine Benton-Cohen, Georgetown University, "Over the Line: Immigrant Women and the Rise of the Surveillance State in the Progressive Era"

2017 Dr. Cathleen Cahill, University of New Mexico, "Who Fought for Women's Suffrage? A More Diverse View"

2016 Dr. Alicia Decker, Pennsylvania State University, "Gender and the Politics of Invisibility: Making Historical Sense of Enforced Disappearance in Post-Colonial Uganda"

2015 Dr. Rebecca Sharpless, Texas Christian University, "Baylor's First Female Students: Sallie McNeill and Educated Texas Women"

2014 Dr. Katherine French, University of Michigan, "Church-keeping and Housekeeping; the Spaces of Women's Piety in Late Medieval London"

2013 Dr. Leslie Peirce, New York University,  "Talking Back- Finding Female Voices in the Early Modern Ottoman World"

2012 Dr. Catherine A. Brekus, University of Chicago Divinity School, "Women, Religion, and Agency: Some Reflections on Writing American Women's Religious History"

2010 Dr. Susan Hartmann, "Women and the Transformation of American Politics"

2009 Jill Knight, Baroness Knight of Collingtree, "A Woman in the House of Commons Who Escaped to the House of Lords"

2008 Wilma Mankiller,  "The Changing Role of Indigenous Women"

2008 Dr. Mary Welek Atwell, Department of Criminal Justice, Radford University, "Wretched Sisters: The Gendered Face of Capital Punishment"

2007 Dr. Kathi Kern, University of Kentucky, "Sacred Politics: How Religious Debate Transformed the Women's Rights Movement in Nineteenth-Century America"

2006 Dr. Constance B. Schultz, University of South Carolina, "Virgins and Vamps: Images of American Women in Nineteenth-Century America"

2005 Dr. William H. Chafe, Duke University, "Paradox of Change: Changing Gender Roles from 1920"

2004 Catherine Clinton, Independent Scholar, "Slavery is War: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad"

2003 Dr. Linda Schott, University of Texas-San Antonio, "Florence Terry Griswold and the Pan American Round Table"

2002 Dr. Patricia Sullivan, Harvard University, "Where were the Women?: Virginia Durr and the Civil Rights Movement"

2001 Zoia Belyakova, University of Leningrad, "Russian Empresses"

2000 Dr. Ellen Carol Dubois, University of California--Los Angeles, "Why Seneca Falls?"

1999 Constance Curry, Human Services for the City of Atlanta, "Deep in Our Hearts: Women in the Freedom Movement"

1998 Dr. Louis Haas, Duquesne University, "Medieval Women"

1997 Dr. Faye Dudden, Union College, "Actresses and Audiences: Women an the American Theatre, 1790-1870"

1996 Dr. Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University, "The Curious Incident of the Gossiping Ladies of New Haven"

1995 Dr. Theresa Kaminski, University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point, "Women in Early American History"