EBM - Undergraduate Research Training

EBM - Undergraduate Research Training

An Undergraduate Research Training Program



The purpose of the Evidenced Based Medicine (EBM) Undergraduate Research Training Program is to instruct and expose current Baylor University, Health Science Studies students to the practice of EBM. EBM is the deliberate and reasonable use of current best evidence in making decisions regarding the care of individual patients. EBM integrates clinical experience and patient values with the best available research information. It is a practice designed to increase the use of high-quality clinical research in clinical decision making.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Develop clinical questions based off of patient case studies.

  • Appraise the literature for validity, applicability, limitations and standard of care for the provision of care to individual

    patients and populations.

  • Describe the following approaches to clinical research design and common statistical tests used in these studies: meta-

    analyses, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, case-control studies, cohort studies, descriptive studies, and

    qualitative studies.

  • Perform a small-scale systematic review of the literature to answer a clinical question.

  • Recognize the impact of patient values/preferences and clinician expertise when making clinical decision

Students will complete CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) training, a web-based course in Social and Behavioral Research. This training satisfies Baylor’s requirement for training in human subject research. Upon successful completion of the training, students will receive a certificate of competency. This certificate is good for a 4-year period and may be linked to Baylor’s IRB and other affiliated institutions.

Students participating in the research training program will:

  • Be given a clinical question (developed and submitted by community healthcare providers)

  • Be responsible for reviewing the literature to formulate an answer to the clinical question

  • Present findings of literature review to healthcare providers by means of an oral or poster presentation.

Program Details/Requirements
  • Program orientation will be held week of 9/1/2019.

  • Weekly mandatory group sessions on Wednesdays, 12:20 – 1:10, starting week of 9/1/2019 through week of 12/2/2019,

    holidays excluded.

  • Formal poster/oral presentation at end of semester (dates to be determined).

  • Students will be given weekly assignments that will be reviewed and discussed during group sessions.

  • Students will work (independently) in groups and during mandatory group sessions, to answer a clinical question by

    conducting a systematic review of the literature. The impact of patient preferences/values and clinician experience will be weighed when presenting best evidence. Findings from the systematic review will be presented as a formal poster presentation.

  • Students should be prepared for a 2-3 hour weekly commitment that will include the mandatory weekly group session.

Required Application Materials:
Application opens: 4/23/19
Application due: 5/31/19
Candidates selected & notified: 6/21/19


For Questions Email:

Tricia Blalock, PT, DPT, MPH, CLT

Director of Health Science Studies