Graduate Assistantships in HHPR

The Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation at Baylor University awards competitive graduate assistantships to highly qualified individuals interested in becoming a contributing part of our unique graduate program. We offer teaching assistantships to both sport pedagogy and exercise physiology applicants. Graduate Teaching Assistants usually teach various lifetime fitness classes to undergraduate students in HHPR Department. Graduate assistantships are generally awarded for a period of 1 or 2 years, subject to favorable review after the first year of service to the Department of HHPR and Baylor University.

GTAs will receive a full-time tuition waiver within the general bounds of hours required for one’s degree program (all semesters). The GTAs will also receive a stipend during the Fall and Spring semesters in which they teach (no teaching obligations during the Summer terms). The GTAs will no longer teach and receive stipend in their last semester if doing an internship, unless they are available to teach during the day and sections are available. Baylor does NOT provide health insurance coverage.

We also offer graduate assistantships to exercise physiology applicants to work as fitness advisors at the Waco Family Medicine clinic off campus. This involves designing, implementing, and monitoring individualized exercise prescriptions for patients for a minimum of 20 hours per week.  This assistantship is for 12 months that can be renewed for additional 6 or 12 months. It includes a full tuition remission and a stipend. Exercise Physiology applicants may apply for both assistantships and should indicate the preference and qualifications in the letter of intent. For more information on the Graduate Fitness Advisor position, please contact the Program Director.

If you initiate an application for a graduate assistantship in the Department of HHPR, it is imperative that you file for admission to The Graduate School concurrently. Both the Baylor University Graduate School Application and the Department of HHPR Graduate Assistant Application with supporting materials must be submitted and received before the applicant is considered for admission and thereby a graduate assistantship.

To be eligible for a Graduate Assistantship in HHPR, you must become a graduate student in the HHPR Department at Baylor University.