HHPR Part-Time Faculty & Recent Retirees

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HHPR relies on a number of part-time lecturers in the teaching of classes within the department. If you need to contact these individuals, please email them, or call 710-3505 to leave a message.

Lifetime Fitness Teaching Specialists

Antunes, Gregory gregory_antunes@baylor.edu Golf
Antunes, Jon jon_antunes@baylor.edu Golf
Blalock, Kenneth kenneth_blalock@baylor.edu Racquetball
Carver, Jason jason_carver@baylor.edu Tennis
Cox, Jessica jessica_cox2@baylor.edu Paddle Sports & Rock Climbing
Croson, Ryan ryan_croson1@baylor.edu Beginning Racquetball
Davis, Van van_davis@baylor.edu Multi-terrain Volleyball
Doherty, Brooke brooke_doherty@baylor.edu Beginning Bowling
Easley, Bernice bernice_easley@baylor.edu Aerobic Walking
Elkins, Madi madison_elkins@baylor.edu Begin Relax/Fitness
English, Ron ronald_english@baylor.edu Beginning Bowling
Ezell, Daniel daniel_ezell@baylor.edu Rock Climbing
Garcez, Gabriel gabriel_garcez@baylor.edu Backpacking & Camping, Paddle Sport & Outdoor Adventure Sports
George, Natalie natalie_j_george@baylor.edu Jazz Dance
Hanson, Kaitlin kaitlin_hanson1@baylor.edu Interm Weight Training & Volleyball
Harris, Dillon dillon_harris1@baylor.edu Bowling
Heinz, Jennifer jennifer_heinz@baylor.edu Aerobics
Hernandez, Crystal crystal_hernandez2@baylor.edu Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Johnson, Austin austinw_johnson@baylor.edu Begin Relax/Fitness
Johnson, Kim kim_h_johnson@baylor.edu Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Lamb, Ray william_lamb@baylor.edu Bicycling, Golf & Mountain Biking
Landerholm, Scott scott_landerholm@baylor.edu Aerobic Running, Weight Training & Tennis
Lanigan, Paul paul_lanigan1@baylor.edu Weight Training & Softball
Lantz, Cameron cameron_lantz@baylor.edu Bowling, Fitness Theory & Practice
Larrazolo, Francisco francisco_larrazolo@baylor.edu Tennis
Lenz, Joseph joseph_lenz@baylor.edu Golf
Love, Kijana kijana_love1@baylor.edu Aerobic Running, Fitness Theory & Practice
Martinsen, Jennifer jennifer_martinsen@baylor.edu Aerobic Walking
Melocik, Meagan meagan_melocik@baylor.edu Outdoor Adventure Sports
Murchison, Mac mac_murchison@baylor.edu Outdoor Adventure Sports
Page, Holly holly_page@baylor.edu Tennis
Petersen, Sherry sherry_petersen@baylor.edu Aerobic Running
Peterson, Ryan ryan_peterson3@baylor.edu Fitness Theory & Practice, Weight Training
Pokhrel, Swikriti swikriti_pokhrel1@baylor.edu Adaptive Lifetime Fitness & Weight Training
Purcell, Maddie madeline_purcell1@baylor.edu Fitness Theory & Practice, Soccer
Requa, Hannah hannah_requa@baylor.edu Ballet
Ruckman, Sarah sarah_ruckman1@baylor.edu Fitness Theory & Practice, Weight Control
Sanders, TT tt_sanders1@baylor.edu Aerobic Running & Volleyball
Schlecte, Brooke brooke_schlecte@baylor.edu Jazz Dance, Social Dance
Stanford, Caleb caleb_stanford1@baylor.edu Bowling, Interm Weight Training
Taylor, Rene johnna_taylor@baylor.edu Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Thompson, Darrell darrell_thompson@baylor.edu Tennis
Williams, Beth beth_williams@baylor.edu Fitness Theory & Practice, Weight Control

Recent Retirements

Dr. Karen Fredenburg - Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

John W. Faribault, M.S. Ed. - Coordinator Lifetime Fitness & Senior Lecturer

Deborah L. Johnston, Ed.D. - Associate Professor