HHPR Part-Time Faculty & Recent Retirees

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HHPR relies on a number of part-time lecturers in the teaching of classes within the department. If you need to contact these individuals, please email them, or call 710-3505 to leave a message.

Lifetime Fitness Teaching Specialists

Antunes, Greg Golf - Beg., Int.
Antunes, Jon Golf - Beg., Int., Adv.
Beattie, Tara Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Bell, Susan Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Carver, Jason Tennis
Easley, Bernice Aerobic Walking
Ezell, Daniel Rock Climbing
Feazell, Cecelia Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Finch, Bonnie Relaxation Fitness Yoga
George, Natalie Ballet, Jazz, Social Dance
Glaske, Sheridan Aerobic Running, Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Heinz, Jennifer Aerobics
Hernandez, Crystal Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Johnigan, Steve Tennis
Johnson, Kim Aerobic Walking, Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Kalista, Elissa Backpacking & Camping, Bowling, Aerobic Walking
Lamb, William Golf, Cycling, Mountain Biking
Landerholm, Scott Aerobic Running, Tennis, Weight Control
Larrazolo, Francisco Tennis
Lawson, Abbie Volleyball
Lenz, Joseph Golf - Beg., Int., Adv.
Limmer, Jacob Adapted - LF 1104. Weight Training
Martinsen, Jennifer Volleyball, Multi-terrain Volleyball
Newton, Elissa Paddle Sports
Nix, Regina Ballet, Jazz, Social Dance, Aerobics
Page, Holly Tennis
Petersen, Sherry Aerobic Running, Tennis
Sims, Benjamin Aerobic Running, Walking
Skeen, Ann Ballet, Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Smith-Davis, Van Volleyball, Multi-terrain Volleyball
Thompson, Darrell Tennis - Beg., Int., Adv.; Aerobic Running; Racquetball
Walsh, Leah Relaxation Fitness Yoga
Williams, Beth Fitness Theory & Practice 
Williams, Dena Aerobics
Yager, Mindy Self-Defense


Recent Retirements

Dr. Karen Fredenburg - Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

John W. Faribault, M.S. Ed. - Coordinator Lifetime Fitness & Senior Lecturer

Deborah L. Johnston, Ed.D. - Associate Professor