KENHP Coursework

KENHP Coursework

**Courses below are listed for the reader\'s convenience. Since course application can change based on year entered, please refer to the Graduate Catalog as the official document of reference.**

Professional Development and Ethics (6 hours)
HP 5397 Christianity, Ethics and Research with Human Participants or
SPM 5398 Contemporary Ethical Issues in Sport or
EDL 6302 Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Research Methods (3 hours)
HP 6300 Research Methods in KENHP

Directed Research (15 hours)
HP 6V70 Directed Research

Statistics (9 hours)
EDP 5334 Statistical Methods
EDP 6360 Experimental Design I
EDP 6361 Experimental Design II
EDP 6362 Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation
STA 5300 Statistical Methods
STA 5301 Experimental Design
STA 5381 Regression Analysis
STA 5384 Multivariate Statistical Methods

KENHP Core (9hours)
One three-hour credit course at the graduate level in three of the four areas below:

• Exercise Physiology or Exercise Nutrition in HHPR
• Nutrition in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)
• Biomechanics or Motor Behavior in HHPR
• Health Promotion in the Department of Public Health (PUBH)

Dissertation Research (12 hours)
HP 6V99 Dissertation

Program coursework (18 hours: minimum 9 hours of graduate study within HHPR/FCS)

Courses in Exercise Physiology/Exercise Nutrition in HHPR
HP 5328 Physiology of Exercise I: Neuromuscular Aspects
HP 5320 Nutritional Biochemistry
HP 5322 Exercise, Nutrition, and Endocrinology
HP 5324 Muscle Physiology and Metabolism
HP 5326 Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Exercise and Health
HP 5330 Physiology of Exercise II: Cardiopulmonary Aspects
HP 5333 Exercise Testing and Prescription
HP 5340 Biochemistry of Exercise
HP 5352 Principles of Exercise and Sport Nutrition
HP 5353 Obesity and Weight Management
HP 5354 Methods of Strength and Conditioning
HP 5357 Exercise Programming for Individuals with Chronic Diseases
HP 5V65 Research Seminar

Courses in Biomechanics or Motor Behavior in HHPR
HP 5334 Pedagogy & Physical Education
HP 5335 Sport Pedagogy II
HP 5348 Psychology of Physical Activity
HP 5368 Motor Skill Learning and Performance
HP 5370 Sport Psychology
HP 5384 Biomechanics of Human Movement

Courses in Public Health
PUBH 5315 Foundations of Health Education
PUBH 5329 Current Health Issues
PUBH 5334 Foundations of Public Health
PUBH 5337 Health Concepts in Epidemiology
PUBH 5350 Assessment and Planning in Health Education
PUBH 5360 Evaluation in Health Education
PUBH 5366 Preventive Health in Medically Underserved Populations
PUBH 5368 Preventive Health in Aging Populations
PUBH 5370 Physical Activity and Public Health
PUBH 5377 Principles and Philosophy in HHPR
PUBH 5378 Administration of Health Education
PUBH 5V70 Special Problems in HHPR
PUBH 5V74 Professional Literature Seminar in HHPR

Courses in Nutrition in FCS
NUTR 5351 Nutrition and Aging
NUTR 5352 Pediatric Nutrition
NUTR 5354 Nutrition in Public Health
NUTR 5355 Macronutrients and Metabolism
NUTR 5356 Micronutrients and Phytochemicals
NUTR 5357 Global Aspects of Food and Nutrition
NUTR 5358 Emerging Issues in Food and Nutrition

Other Graduate Courses
SPM 5327 Financial Management in Sport
SPM 5328 Athletic Fundraising and Development
SPM 5336 Sport Marketing
SPM 5341 NCAA Policy and Procedures
HP 5360 Differential Diagnosis and Therapeutic Intervention for the Lower Extremity and Spine
HP 5361 Differential Diagnosis and Therapeutic Intervention for the Upper Extremity and Spine
HP 5362 Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Reconditioning for Diverse Populations
HP 5363 Manual Therapies in Orthopedic Rehabilitation
SPM 5372 Legal Issues in Sport
SPM 5373 Sport Management
SPM 5374 Sport in the Social Context
SPM 5375 Governance in Sport
SPM 5376 Facility and Event Management
HP 5377 Issues and Trends in Human Performance and Sport Management
SPM 5398 Contemporary Ethical Issues in Sport
HP 5V70 Special Problems in HHPR
HP 5V75 Seminar in HHPR