Exercise Physiology

Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology

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Dr. Yunsuk Koh
Exercise Physiology Program Director
Department of HHPR
One Bear Place #97313
Waco, TX 76798-7313
(254) 710-4002


General Program Description

One of the fastest-growing career areas in the country is related to health, fitness, and exercise physiology in both the public and private sectors. Business and industry are becoming aware of the increased efficiency of a workforce where the wellness level is high and medical costs and absenteeism are reduced. The wellness consciousness of the general population is at an all-time high, and health and fitness programs permeate our society through business and industry, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, fitness assessment clinics, fitness clubs, wellness programs projected through public and private recreation, along with efforts of schools and churches to serve the wellness needs of their constituencies. This degree program is designed especially to prepare practitioners for the myriad of career opportunities related to this emphasis. In addition to the concentration in health and fitness, which includes a full semester of supervised internship in a career setting chosen by the student, this program also provides preparation for the general environment which will house the professional function. Because these are "people jobs", there is also preparation for leadership skills.


Degree Requirements for Exercise Physiology Majors
Major Academic Planners and Minors