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The Joseph E. Hawkins Memorial German Award

The Joseph E. Hawkins Memorial German Award, awarded to the outstanding senior in German, was established in 1969 by Dr. Joseph Elmer Hawkins, chairman emeritus of the Department of German at Baylor. Prize amounts of $1000 are awarded during May of years in which the German Division identifies outstanding seniors. Plaques with names of recipients are displayed in the German Lounge (Old Main 200).

Past Recipients

Year Recipient
1970 Kathleen McCall, Ronald Wilson
1971 Kathleen McCall Bruner; Ronald Wilson
1972 Marcia Glenn
1973 Christopher Wienandt
1974 Carla Kennedy
1975 Bart Carpenter
1976 John I. Benson
1977 Claud Eugene Vance
1978 Annette Weiss
1979 Hugh W. Davis
1980 Rhonda Coleman
1981 Amy Susan Titus
1982 Julian Pierce Harris; Thomas C. White
1983 Carmen E. Weiss
1984 Kevin A. Ford
1985 Paul Randolph Banks
1986 David Lloyd Partain
1987 Richard A. Howell; Andrew McDonald
1988 Ruth E.C. Weiss
1989 Krista Mitchell
1990 No award granted
1991 Julie C. McConnell
1992 Heather Haas
1993 Richard C. Armiger
1994 Gary Christopher Slick
1995 Laura Aschbacher; Catherine Vienet
1996 Andrea Münzer
1997 No award granted
1998 No award granted
1999 No award granted
2000 No award granted
2001 No award granted
2002 No award granted
2003 No award granted
2004 Jeannie M. Simon
2005 No award granted
2006 Joseph L. Lenz, Amanda King
2007 Michelle Braud
2008 Kandra Stauffer, Cleyera Martin
2009 Paige Tucker, Tom Just
2010 Sarah Morrow, Lauren Stamps
2011 Caterina S. Riley
2012 No award granted
2013 Alexandra Perry
2014 Kristen Gould