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Carlile Research Center

Carlile Bldg.

The 5200 square foot Carlile Geology Research Building was completed in September of 2008 and is located adjacent to the Baylor Sciences Building. The Carlile Geology Research Building includes specialty equipment and facilities supporting the Geology Department and its programs.

In addition to the offices, laboratory and lecture facilities in the Baylor Sciences Building, many specialized laboratories are located in the Carlile Geology Research Building. The Carlile Building includes sample storage facilities, a classroom (Room 102A), a rock preparation laboratory equipped with rock saws and thin-section preparation equipment (Room 109A), and working laboratories in: 1) hydrology and engineering geology (Room 120A); 2) hydrogeology (Room 108A); 3) igneous petrology and geochemistry (Rooms 106A and 107A) ; and 4) seismology (Room 105A), and 5) environmental geophysics (Room 103A), including a Canberra Cesium 137 detector. Geophysical equipment is available for work in applied seismology, gravity, magnetic, and electrical methods. Equipment includes a gravity meter, a magnetometer, a conductivity meter, resistivity meter, and a 12-channel seismograph system.

All of this equipment is routinely used in introductory class laboratories, as well as in advanced labs and research projects. A borehole logger provides spontaneous potential, resistance, and natural gamma logs to a depth of 1000 feet.

The Carlile Geology Research Center contains an engineering lab (Room 120A) for the study of soil mechanics. Equipment available includes drying ovens, shear-strength testing equipment, soil and water field sampling equipment, and various scales and balances. Rock, soil, and sediment sample storage is provided for a number of Geology faculty and their students, as well as rock saws, grinders and other sample preparation equipment.

The Powers Building, located 3 miles south of the University at the intersection of Valley Mills Drive and Dutton Avenue in Waco, is also home to a mobile drill rig for use in well installations and soil and rock sampling by the engineering geology, Quaternary geology, and hydrogeology programs. The drill rig is stored in a large bay containing all of the tools necessary for the program including generators, water pumps, PVC pipe, and water level indicators.

In addition to the trailer mounted drill rig, a hydra-drill portable drill rig is available for drilling in remote locations not accessible by truck. Pontoon and other boats, and water-borne geophysical equipment for research on freshwater reservoirs, are also stored at an off campus location.