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Undergraduate Program


Degrees Offered

B.S. Degree in Geology
B.S. Degree in Geophysics
B.A. Degree in Earth Science

Baylor University offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Science with options in either geology or geophysics. A program of courses is also offered leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Earth Science.

The geology curriculum is designed to provide a sound understanding of geology, geophysics and related fields and the development of a geological perspective, both of which are essential for continued growth in the geological profession. Courses involve research projects, oral presentations, written reports, and fieldwork. Independent field research, field problems and presentations at professional meetings are regular features of both undergraduate and graduate programs. The student must complete either an independent research study, an internship, or a faculty-supervised research project for the B.S. degree.

The B.A. degree in Earth science covers a broad spectrum of topics and is designed to give the Earth science major an understanding of the Earth's materials and processes. Topical areas in the Earth science curriculum encompass astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, as well as geology.

Faculty, facilities and equipment are available to support special studies and research in environmental and engineering geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, remote sensing, paleontology, strategraphy, structural geology, sedimentology, geochemistry, igneous petrology, soils, geoarchaeology, wetlands, petroleum geology, geophysics, and geography.