Guideline for Learners

Guidelines for Learners

Canvas Catalog can be used by departments who wish to offer online educational courses to non-matriculated students (also commonly called "Continuing Education" or "non-degree" students) who aren't enrolled in a degree-earning program. Current students may also register for courses in Canvas Catalog for continuing education or non-degree-related purposes but those courses will not be available on official transcripts from Baylor University. Canvas Catalog cannot be used as a sign-up list for events, to sell merchandise, or for online courses targeting current Baylor students.

The department offering a course in Canvas Catalog may elect to charge a fee to register for the course. This fee is to help offset the cost of offering the course. In most cases, the fee should be paid during the course registration process using the on-screen payment collection method provided. If you are unable to complete this payment electronically or need to use an alternate payment method, contact the Continuing Education office ( - (254) 710-6440).

Students who register for a paid course but do not open the course or begin any course-work within the course are eligible for a refund at the discretion of the department offering the course. Students seeking a refund must contact the department offering the course to begin the process.

Course Certificates:
Students who meet all of the completion criteria set for each of the course modules will be listed as having completed the course. Upon completion, students may log into their student profile at and view their transcript, download or print a certificate of completion that includes the student's name, date of completion, and the course name.

Continuing Education

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