United States State, U.S., and Foreign Judicial Decisions


  1. The Establishment of Religion

    1. A Standing to Sue:
    2. Tax Exemption to Religious Institutions:
    3. Sunday Work:
    4. Religion and Labor Relations:
    5. Religious Institution Functioning as a Government:
    6. Unequal Government Treatment of Religious Groups:
    7. Legislative Chaplains:
    8. Religious Symbols on Public Property:
    9. Government Aid to Religious Institutions or Vocations:
    10. Religion and Public Education:
    11. Government Aid to Church-Related Schools

  2. Government Intervention in Church Controversies

  3. The Free Exercise of Religion

    1. The Mormon Cases
    2. The Jehovah's Witnesses Cases
    3. Conscientious Objection to War
    4. Religion and the Right to Work
    5. Religion and the Right to Worship
    6. Religious Test for Public Service or Benefits
    7. Free Exercise and Public Education
    8. Free Exercise and Taxation
    9. Solicitation by Religious Groups
    10. Religious Objection to Government Regulation