Affiliated Labs

Affiliated Labs

In addition to our core faculty whose research focuses predominantly on aquatic sciences, we have a large number of research labs at Baylor that are affiliated with CRASR due to the complementary research being done.

Dr. Joe Yelderman (Geosciences, groundwater hydrology)

Dr. Bill Hockaday (Geosciences, geochemistry)

Dr. Steve Dworkin (Geosciences, stable isotope geochemistry)

Dr. Jamie Fulton (Geosciences, geomicrobiology)

Dr. Ramon Lavado (Environmental Science, environmental toxicology)

Dr. Sascha Usenko (Environmental Science, anthropogenic contaminants in air and water)

Dr. Rebecca Sheesley (Environmental Science, air quality)

Dr. Joseph White (Biology, remote sensing, ecosystem response to fire and climate change)

Dr. Suzanne Nesmith (Curriculum and Instruction, science education)

Dr. Trisha Emerson (Economics, environmental economics)

Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research

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