Gear Up - Marsh Madness

For the past few years (2006-2013) C.R.A.S.R has been part of the GEAR UP Waco - Marsh Madness program that strove to engage high school students in science related activities.

What is GEAR UP Waco?

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

GEAR UP began in 1999 and included projects designed to promote college readiness. The primary goal of GEAR UP Waco was to significantly increase the number of students who were prepared to enter and succeed in post-secondary education. It was a collaborative program between Baylor University and several local Waco educational entities. 

The most recent project targeted Waco ISD and La Vega ISD students beginning in middle school and followed them through graduation.

What is Marsh Madness?

Marsh Madness was a joint project of Baylor University's Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (CRASR) and the City of Waco. Every year, Waco ISD and LaVega ISD students participating in Marsh Madness took two instructional learning field trips to the Lake Waco Wetlands. 

All Marsh Madness activities were designed to both help improve science scores on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test and to encourage students to pursue careers in science.

Melissa Mullins was in charge of the Marsh Madness program.

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