Water Quality, Ecotoxicology and Public Health

Water Quality, Ecotoxicology and Public Health

CRASR scientist have emerged as leaders in the rapidly advancing field or environmental toxicology. 

Dr. Bryan Brooks

Dr. Brooks came to Baylor in 2001 and has been a key driving force in the development of our aquatic science group at Baylor. His lab focuses broadly on anthropogenic stressors on the aquatic resources upon which we all depend. The Brooks lab has been extremely successful despite the incredible breadth of research being done. Dr. Brooks and his students focus current research on water quality and water reuse, comparative toxicology and pharmacology, applied ecology, sustainable molecular design, developing approaches to define risks of contaminants of historical and emerging concern, natural resource extraction and the ecology and toxicology of harmful algae blooms. He has active research partnerships on six continents!

Dr. Cole Matson

Dr. Matson is an environmental toxicologist specializing on the genetic effects of contaminants on wildlife. He often identifies his lab as the ‘evolutionary toxicology’ lab. One currently focus of the Matson lab is the genetic and developmental impacts of environmental contaminants on fish, with a particular interest in how environmental gradients affect the toxicity of nanomaterials and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In addition, he continues interest and research in numerous areas including population genetic impacts of chronic contamination exposures and on biomarkers of DNA damage;  mechanistic toxicology and embryonic developmental toxicity; and on environmentally relevant transformations of nanoparticles and how these transformations affect their toxicity.



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