Post-Doc & Research Scientist Directory

Headshot of Dr. Jeff Back

Jeff Back, Ph.D.
M.S. Tarleton State University
B.S. Washington State University

As both a student and the man in charge of CRASR's inter-departmental water science laboratory, Jeff has found a way to combine his research interests with his work. "I focus on nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon content of organisms across the ontogeny of a given species and how changes in these levels affect survival,"


Headshot of Dr. Jone Corrales Jone Corrales, Ph.D.
Jone Corrales CV 08.24.2016
Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, North Carolina State Univ.
B.S., Marine Sciences & Biology, Univ. of Miami

“Growing up on the Bay of Biscay in Spain, Dr. Corrales decided she wanted to become a marine biologist at a young age. Later, she obtained a degree in Marine Biology and her Ph.D. focused on aquatic animal health. At Baylor, her objective is to conduct research in the interphase of aquatic animal toxicology and immunology under the direction of Professor Bryan Brooks: “I’m fortunate to be part of the Environmental and Aquatic Toxicology Research Laboratory. As a research scientist I enjoy teaching and mentoring graduate students in the lab. My research interests focus on the immunotoxic effects environmental contaminants exert on fish.”